"Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and the greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Matt. 22: 37-40)

You are warmly welcome to visit our In English-Websites!

Jesus is commanding as to love one another in spite of where we come from. As Christians we are supposed to care for other poeople. No matter where you come from, what is your religion or nationality, you are more than welcome to come along to all our activities and to spend time with us!

From down below you' ll find our multicultural activities. There are also plenty of other activies in Finnish available! Call, send e-mail or come to meet us! We are here for you to help and guide so that you can find your place in our congregation! We wish to be a congregation where there' s room for everyone!


Once in a month on Fridays at 6 pm in the Chapel of Lakeuden Risti, located in Koulukatu 24, (a door to enter is next to the white Lakeuden Risti tower, on the right)

This is a place to meet people coming from different kinds of nationalities for serving God by listening gospel, praying and worshiping together. There is also a chance to receive Holy Communion. After the Service there is a chance for chatting together while drinking coffee and tea .

Worships in Autumn 2017

On 15 September

On 13 October

On 10 November

Chatting and Knitting

on Mondays from 6 pm to 8 pm in Café Kismus, located in Kalevankatu 12 B

We are having Summer break right now, but we will continue in Autumn and we will inform you!

Knitting is good for your brain and hanging aroud with friends is good to you. Every Monday you are welcome to stay together for knitting and chatting. Here you'll meet Finnish and international people. This is open to all people from different religious backgrounds.

Follow our Facebook group: Events in English in Lutheran Church of Seinäjoki


Chatting & Knitting
Chatting & Knitting

International Bible study

This is a meeting place for you who is willing to study Bible in English together with people coming from different kinds of nationalities.

Notice!  We are having a break for the time being. If you're interested, please contact us. It will be arranged, if needed.


Multicultural Music group

Every other week on Mondays from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm in Café Kismus, located in Kalevankatu 12 B, (opposite to Movie theater).

The group is intended for young adults who love to sing or play. We learn together different kinds of songs around the world. Wi might also take part in some of our Worships as leading music group. Take your own instrument with you if you have one. Welcome along!

Practices in Autumn are:

On 2 October, on 16 October and on 30 October

On 13 November

On 11 December and on 18 December

For more information: Secretary of Multicultural work
Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701 or email: katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi

You'll find the group also in Facebook under the name: Multicultural Music group

Kids & Mothers group

Every other week on Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 am in Törnävän seurakuntakoti, located in Ruukintie 138, (yellow wooden building)

The group is intended for all mothers and kids who are staying at home in the daytime to refresh one self and to get support for integration, regardless to religion or culture. Also the Finns are welcome to the group. Mothers have a chance to get to know each other and to chat while children are having their own activities. We spent a small moment together for a start at each time we meet. Tea and some small snacks are offered with small fee, 0,50 €/ per adult. You can also take your own snacks with you if you want.

For the time being we don't have meetings. If you're interested in the group, please contact us.

For more information: Secretary of Multicultural work
Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701 or email: katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi

You'll find the group also in Facebook under the name: Kids & Mothers


A Youth trip to Megajatkis

beginning on 25 August at 5 pm and ending on 26 August at around 1 pm in Honiniemi' s Summer camp.

This is chance for you to learn more about Lutheran Christianity and to get to know other Finnish youngsters. There's a chance for games, relaxing, music, good food, sauna and spending nice time together. There are also some workshops, like: palying in a band, presinging, light and audio technics, video and graphics and projecting. The trip costs 7 € including food and lift. Take warm and some exchanging clothes and towel with you! Welcome to spend nice and happy time with other youngsters!

For more information and binding enrol in the trip with the information on your diet to Secretary of Multicultural work Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701, e-mail: katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi  till on Saturday on 12 August.

All Together Evening

on 26 August from 5 pm to 8.30 pm in Lakeuden Risti park

Welcome to taste food from different kinds of countries, to listen great  music shown by Gavin Kshetri and to enjoy of great dance show. Here is a chance for chatting, playing Summer games and spending nice evening together. At the end of the evening, around 8 pm there's also a small prayer by Andres Mendez.

Would you like to come to make some food for the evening? Please contact us.

Multicultural Autumn trip for Youngsters

on 4 October from 9 am to 6 pm in Honkiniemi's summer camp

This one day lasting camp is intended for young refugees, immigrants, students and Finnish youngsters. There’s a chance for eating well, playing games, playing music, making handicrafts, meeting other youth coming from around the world and spending nice time together while getting to know each other. There’s also a chance for sauna and small prayers. The maximum turnout for one camp is 30 youngsters. Buss lift for the camp will be arranged and we will leave from Lakeuden Risti church's parking place at 9 am. The day costs 7 € including food and buss lift.

For more information and binding enrol in the trip with the information of your diet : Secretary of Multicultural work Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701, e-mail: katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi or
Special Youth Worker Juha Jutila, tel + 358 44 765 8689, e-mail: juha.jutila@evl.fi till on Thursday on 28 September.


Family Camps

There are arranged  a few weekend lasting family camps in a year. The Camp begins on Friday afternoon  and ends on Sunday. You need to enroll for the camp one month before the camp begins. The main language in the camps is Finnish, so there's also a good chance to learn to speak Finnish! Most of our workers can also speek English if needed.

The next upcoming family camps in Honkiniemi's summer camp will be arranged:

from 20 to 22 Ocrober (enrol for the camp till on Friday on 22 September)

The next upcoming family camps in Lankari's summer camp will be arranged:

from 13 to 15 October (enrol for the camp till on Friday on 15 September)

For more information: Secretary of Multicultural work
Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701, e-mail: katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi or

(Honkiniemi's family camps) Pastor Arja Peltoketo, tel. +358 44 770 3685, e-mail: arja.peltoketo@evl.fi or

(Lankari's family camps) Pastor Antti Maunumaa, tel. +358 40 594 3820, e-mail: antti.maunumaa@evl.fi

Are you willing to work as a volunteer?

There's many kinds of jobs for volunteers in our Congregatrion. If you' re interested, contact us!


For more information about multicultural activities:

Secretary of Multicultural work Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701 or katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi

Pastor Aila Orsila, tel. + 358 44 580 6651 or aila.orsila@evl.fi


You’ll find us also from Facebook under the name:

Events in English in Lutheran church of Seinäjoki

Join in the group and you will always be aware of the upcoming events, which are arranged in English in our Congregation!

Don't hesitate! Come along! There's always a place for you!

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