"Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and the greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Matt. 22: 37-40)

You are warmly welcome to visit our English websites!

Jesus is commanding us to love each other. As Christians we are supposed to care for other poeople. No matter where you come from, what is your religion or nationality, you are more than welcome to all our activities.

Down below you'll find information about our multicultural activities. There are also plenty of other activies in Finnish available! Call, text, send e-mail or come to meet us! We are here to help and guide you so that you can find your place in our congregation! We wish to be a congregation where there's room for everyone!

Here you will find a list of English speaking staff in our congregation >> They will be able to help you in all issues related to the Lutheran Church of Seinäjoki.

Evening snack
Evening snack
Chatting Evening -Baking together :)
Chatting Evening -Baking together :)


on Mondays from 5 pm to 7.30 pm in Kismus, located in Kalevankatu 12 B

Knitting is good for your brain and hanging aroud with friends is good for you. Every Monday you are welcome to stay together for chatting and knitting. Here you'll meet Finnish and international people. This is open to all people from different religious backgrounds.

Follow our Facebook group: Events in English in Lutheran Church of Seinäjoki

Evening snack for young adults

on Mondays once in a month from 5 pm to 8 pm in Kismus, located in Kalevankatu 12 B

Every once in a month there's a chance to make some evening snack together of some wastage food, which is given away from groceries. We only use food which is good and useful. Welcome along to make and eat free food together! Bring also your friends with you!

For more information: Pastor Milla Purosalo-Vandenbroucke, tel. +358 44 716 0201, e-mail: milla.purosalo-vandenbroucke@evl.fi

You can also find a group for young adults in Finnish from Facebook:
Seinäjoen Seurakunnan Nuoret Aikuiset

Afro Group

Music group for those, who want to experience African music, participate to mission and love to sing or play.

The group is having rehearsals (but not regularly, only when needed) in Ylistaros congregation hall, located in Markinsalontie 2 A, 30 kilometers from the city center of Seinäjoki. The main purpose for the group is to proclaim the gospel by music. If you' re interested, please contact Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701, who is leading the group.

Family Camps

A few weekend lasting family camps are arranged in a year. The camps begin on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday. You need to enroll for the camp one month before the camp begins. The main language in the camps is Finnish, so there's also a good chance to learn to speak Finnish! Most of our workers can also speek English if needed. The camps include a bus lift to Honkiniemi and back, tasty food, playing together, making handigrafts, otdoor activities, sauna, swimming, calming down in the church camp for prayers and spending nice time together.

The next upcoming family camps in Honkiniemi's summer camp will be arranged:
from 19th to 21st October 2018
Enroll for the camp through this link: detailed information will be provided soon!

The next upcoming family camps in Lankari's summer camp will be arranged:
from 12th 14th October 2018
Enroll for the camp through this link: detailed information will be provided soon!

For more information: Secretary of Multicultural work
Katri Tuomiharju, tel. + 358 44 580 6701, e-mail: katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi or

Honkiniemi's family camps: Pastor Arja Peltoketo, tel. +358 44 770 3685, e-mail: arja.peltoketo@evl.fi or

Lankari's family camps: Pastor Antti Maunumaa, tel. +358 40 594 3820, e-mail: antti.maunumaa@evl.fi

Didin' t you find suitable activity for you? Is there something you'd wish to be arranged? Or would you perhaps like to do it yourself? There are many chances for volunteering in our Congregatrion. If you're interested, please contact us!

For more information about multicultural activities:

Katri Tuomiharju, Secretary of Multicultural work, tel. +358 44 580 6701  Secretary of Multicultural work Katri Tuomiharju,
  tel. + 358 44 580 6701 or katri.tuomiharju@evl.fi




  Pastor Aila Orsila, tel. + 358 44 580 6651 or aila.orsila@evl.fi





You’ll find us also from Facebook under the name: Events in English in the Lutheran Church of Seinäjoki

Join the group and you will always be aware of the upcoming events in English in our congregation.

Don't hesitate, come along! There's always a place for you!